Chirag Tanna

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Chirag Tanna


Chirag Tanna, who founded INK IDEE, with offices in Singapore and India, has more than 15 years of experience in Intellectual Property Rights. INK IDÉE is a boutique IPR firm where they focus on enforceable Intellectual Property Rights’ and have a very strong focus on start-ups across Singapore, India, and USA. They are involved in some pretty unique IPR assertion / litigation cases in USA and in India.

The firm has positioned itself as a mentor to many start-ups, entrepreneurs, universities, incubators, and accelerators.

Chirag Tanna has prepared and filed close to a thousand patent applications, and represented clients at hearings in Patent Offices around the world. His firm covers all realms of engineering, sciences, and life sciences in Intellectual Property Rights.

Additionally, Chirag Tanna regularly teaches full-scale Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Design laws (drafting, prosecution, litigation) at universities, and through corporate training programs.

Through its branch in Singapore, INK IDÉE, drives an Asia chapter on complete IPR consultancy, and typically caters to IPR needs of start-ups and new businesses.